Aristotle's Oasis

Aristotle's Oasis - Celestials

Aristotles's Oasis - Celestials - Byzantium


Silk Road with Crow

Silk Still life
Pandora's Boxes

Studio view 2020

Lost Sock Architecture

Baltimore Florida 2019

Shredded Armani (2018), Bedouin Topographies (right)

Shredded Armani suit (2018) 
Convivencia (2012) 
Polyester fabric prints (left) Convivencia (right)
Basmati Rice Bag

Dispersion Panel, 2018
Dispersion Panel (middle), 2018
Convivencia (left), students work (right) from workshop 

3 design course and paper workshop with students of CCBC
(Community College Baltimore County), March 2019
CCBC Students'work


CCBC Students'work

CCBC Students'work

Studio view 2018

Dispersion panels1 meter x 1 meter x 8, Laminated paper, 2018

Black dispersion panels on white

Mambo Jambo 2017

 During Summer Show Noord
New Dakota and Francis Boeske Projects